About us
Community of professional cappers Bets Cash.
Since December 2021, we have started implementing a plan to increase the total values of our profits,
by attracting borrowed funds from private investors.
Everything is transparent and simple - You invest free funds, we earn extra ourselves and
share the profits with you.
At the moment, sports betting is without a doubt the best and constantly developing segment of the market in terms of
return on invested funds.
The development of Bets Cash is ongoing, due to the expansion of our staff of professional cappers in all areas of sports.
Investing in Bets Cash is the most secure and highly profitable type of competent investment.
We offer not only making a profit from the invested funds, but also every day, seven days a week, we provide
absolutely free for everyone, the forecast of the day from our professional cappers.

Bets Cash wishes all investors financial well-being.

5 Church Road South, Liverpool, England, L25 7RJ,

Whitepaper Roadmap
1. January 2022 launch of the official website. +
2. Launch of a full-fledged version of Online Help for users. +
3. Launch a chat for free communication of users, issuing forecasts in live mode. +.
4. Launch your own mobile app on Google Play. In process. The planned launch date is February, March 2022.
5. Job openings. In process. The planned launch date is March, April 2022.

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