Frequently asked question

Who are you and what do you do? -
- We are a group of professional privateers.
We are engaged in earning money on betting on sports events.
We work seven days a week and without verifications.

- How can I earn money with you? -
- Each user has earning opportunities at his discretion:
1. To receive a stable profit in the amount of 1% to 5% per day by entrusting your funds to our privateers to manage.
That is, the minimum that is strictly indicated and less than which you cannot earn is 1% per day.
You get up to 5% per day depending on the results of our team's work. It's very simple.
2. You can independently bet in any bookmakers at your own risk.
To do this, we provide a completely free daily forecast of the day from our privateers.
But you should be aware that our privateers always work according to their strategies and therefore you
take all the risks yourself, working with our free bets.

- I want to contribute to the work of your privateers, what should I do next? -
- Make a simple registration by filling in all the necessary fields.
Next, click top up the balance and following the prompts of the system commit
topping up your balance.
Then click open deposit. That's all. Nothing super-complicated.

- How do I withdraw my profit? -
- Click the Balance button in your personal account. Next, the Output button. Fill in the fields using the prompts of the system.

- How do I withdraw my deposit in full. Also nothing complicated. Go to the Deposit section. Click Close Deposit. Then follow the prompts of the system. The deposit funds are transferred to your balance and you then perform the same actions that are prescribed in the profit withdrawal algorithm.

- When and what is the minimum, maximum amount I can deposit and withdraw?
- Deposits from $ 5 to $ 15,000 are accepted around the clock, seven days a week.
- Withdrawal of any funds is carried out manually,  $ 1 to $ 15,000 in a period of 5 minutes to 24 hours, depending on the method you choose. No payments are made on Saturday and Sunday.

We do not apply any restrictions other than the amounts described above. We have never had and will never have any points, verifications and other nonsense. These are your funds and it's up to you to decide when to withdraw them as needed. We remind you that we additionally earn ourselves with the help of your funds. Therefore, how you dispose of them is entirely your business.

- When is the profit credited to the balance?
- Profit is credited automatically.

-Affiliate program.
You get +5% of your personal referrals' balance deposits and +2% of second-level referrals' balance deposits (i.e. users invited by your referrals).

Referral bonus for beginners : (autorefback) By inviting partners, you can give them a special bonus that they will receive after opening a deposit. In order to issue referral bonuses, it is necessary to replenish the ref's balance (payment from the main balance + 3% system commission). * a more detailed description in your account.

- How can I contact you if I have any questions?
- Click the Support button, write to our mailbox [email protected] or call +442045773468

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